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By Sabri Louatah
Adapted for radio by Hugh Costello from the translation by Gavin Bowd

First broadcast on BBC Radio 4 22/06/2019

It is the eve of the French presidential elections (“The Election of the Century” say the headlines), and Idder Chaouch, the country’s first Arab candidate has victory in his sights. Meanwhile, the French-Algerian Nerrouche family is preparing for a grand wedding. But something is up with younger cousin Krim. Linking these two worlds is heartthrob actor Fouad Nerrouche. Within a matter of hours, the threads begin to unravel on both wedding and election campaign, and the collision between the destiny of a family and the hopes of a nation becomes inevitable.


Krim ….. Mohammad Amiri
Fouad & Benbaraka ….. Khalid Laith
Rabia….. Sirine Saba
Luna, Kenza & Jasmine ….. Shavani Cameron
Uncle Bouzid ….. Nabil Elouahabi
Granny Nerrouche & Bride’s Mother …… Amira Ghazalla
Great Uncle Ferhat ….. Raad Rawi
Slim ….. Hamza Jeetooa
Momo …… Farshid Rokey
Chaouch & Rachid ….. Waleed Elgadi
Zoran …… Emma Frankland
Djamel ….. Ali Barouti
French girl ….. Catriona Stirling
French guy …. Will Howard

Other voices were played by the cast

Executive producer …. Sara Davies
Produced by Nicolas Jackson & Steve Bond

An Afonica production for BBC Radio 4