One Five Seven Years – Episode 3: Jacob

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By Marietta Kirkbride
First broadcast on BBC Sounds – 23/09/22

Imagine you could live for two lifetimes. Would you want to? How would it change you and those you love? What would you do with all those extra years? What second chances might you get? Would this be a blessing or a curse?

This world is an alternative version of our own. Except in this world, a minority of people are discovered to have Extended Life Syndrome (ELS). The condition might give an “Elser” two decades in their thirties, two in their forties, double the time in their fifties, and so on. Little is understood of the biological factors that govern ELS except that it affects a random selection of people. It is the ultimate lottery of genetics, crossing class, race, culture and gender.

And if a simple test existed to check your DNA for this double life, would you take it? Would you want to know?

Now think again. Would you?

Jacob has ELS and is serving life for a murder he committed when he was nineteen. But how many years are enough years for justice to be served?

Written by Marietta Kirkbride

Jacob ….. Robert Emms
Miles ….. Ben Crowe
Mum …..Sirine Saba
Psychiatrist ….. Asif Khan
Lawyer ….. Jessica Murrain
Inmate ….. Simon Darwen

Other voices played by the cast

Sound Design ….. Adam Woodhams and Steve Bond
Theme Music ….. Ioana Selaru and Axel Kacoutié

Academic Consultants ….. Tamas David-Barrett & James Fasham
Executive Producer ….. Sara Davies

Series created by Marietta Kirkbride
Directed and Produced by Nicolas Jackson

An Afonica production for BBC Radio 4