Oil on Water

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First broadcast – 14/09/20 on BBC Radio 4

From the novel by Helon Habila
Dramatised by Rex Obano

A contemporary thriller about neocolonial corruption, ecological devastation and journalistic ethics in the badlands of the oil rich Niger Delta. Two reporters risk everything in search of the perfect story after the British wife of an oil company executive is kidnapped.

Port Harcourt, Nigeria – Rufus is yet to make his mark as a journalist. When he accepts an assignment to interview the hostage held by militants, he finds himself shoulder to shoulder with Zaq, a one-time legendary reporter now in painful alcoholic decline. Together, they form an unlikely bond as they set out up river in search of the kidnapped women. But they have forgotten that there’s no such thing as the perfect story in a region where exposing the truth can get you killed.

Set in a filmic world of mangrove swamps, floating villages, and jungle shrines, this taut and suspenseful thriller has echoes of Graham Greene or Joseph Conrad.

Rufus ….. Idris Debrand
Zaq ….. Cyril Nri
Gloria ….. Tamara Lawrance
The Major & The Professor ….. Danny Sapani
Naman & Ibiram ….. Peter Bankole
Tamuno & other voices …. Seun Shote
Joseph, & other voices ….. Uché Gabriel Akujobi
Michael ….. Jordan Nash
James Floode ….. Matthew Gravelle
Isabel Floode ….. Claire Price

Other characters are voiced by the cast

Sound Design ….. Adam Woodhams
Mixing ….. Steve Bond
Executive Producer ….. Sara Davies
Produced and Directed by Nicolas Jackson

An Afonica production for BBC Radio 4