In Diamond Square

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By Mercè Rodoreda
Adapted for radio by Hattie Naylor from the translation by Peter Bush

First broadcast BBC Radio 4 22/05/22

A story of love in a time of war starring Maxine Peake.

Barcelona, 1930s: Natalia, a pretty, naive shop girl from the working-class quarter of Gracia, is hesitant when a stranger asks her to dance at the fiesta in Diamond Square. But Quimet is charming and forceful and she takes his hand. They marry and have two children although Quimet proves an unpredictable husband. He gives her the nickname of Colometa, meaning Little Pigeon, and breeds the birds in their apartment.

Set against the backdrop of the turbulent years of the Spanish Republic and Civil War, Natalia experiences the conflict from a city in turmoil as she fights for her and her children’s survival.

Written in exile from Franco’s dictatorship, the novel has been translated into 28 languages, been produced in Spain as a film and TV series, and is taught as part of the school curriculum. Gabriel García Márquez learnt Catalan just to be able to read it in its original language.

Hattie Naylor is a multi-award-winning scriptwriter and audio dramatist. Her gothic thriller ‘Dead Weather’ won Best Drama, Best Actress & Best Supporting Performance at the BBC Audio Drama Awards 2022. She won the Tinniswood Award for Best Radio Script for ‘Ivan and the Dogs’ which also picked up an Olivier nomination and has been adapted as a film.

Natalia (Colometa) ….. Maxine Peake
Quimet ….. Will Howard
Mateu ….. Luke Jerdy
Cintet ….. Liam Garrigan
Mrs Enriqueta ….. Jane Slavin
Julieta ….. Faye Marsay
Other voices played by the cast

Executive producer ….. Sara Davies

Sound design ….. Adam Woodhams
Mix ….. Steve Bond

Directed & produced by Nicolas Jackson

An Afonica production for BBC Radio 4