Bar Answer

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By Anastasia Kirillova
First broadcast on BBC Radio 3 on 17/08/20

There comes a time in one’s life when you lose something truly important. A feeling someone once gave you. And on one of those endless, sleepless nights you find yourself thinking, surely I can get it back?

In the wake of a painful relationship breakup, fllmmaker Anastasia Kirillova finds herself in Tokyo. By chance she stumbles upon Bar Answer, an out-of-the-way cocktail bar that serves as the front-office for a love detective agency. Sipping on drinks named ‘Jealousy’ and ‘Obsession’, potential clients seek a remedy for their broken relationships, an escape from pain.

Separation operator Kyoko Kawakami is a ‘Kosaquin’, a love detective, working for Bar Answer. For a fee she offers ‘Fukuen’, reconciliation with a former partner, or ‘Wakaresaseya’, a break up service for impatient lovers. Above all, she aims to help clients come to terms with ‘Genjitsu’, reality.

Bar Answer explores the private world of failing relationships, the pain of loving and the ways back from the madness it can drive us to.

Created and performed by Anastasia Kirillova
Jonathan ….. Jonathan Bonicci
Produced by Nicolas Jackson and Steve Bond

An Afonica production for BBC Radio 3

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