The Stroma Sessions

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stroma-sessions_e_0916_getEscrito por Timothy X Atack
Creado por Nicolas Jackson & Timothy X Atack
Emitido: 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 30 de octubre de 2016
BBC Radio 3

Finalist for the BBC Audio Drama Awards 2017 for Best Script (Tinniswood Award) and Best Supporting Actress (Valene Kane)

‘The Blackletter Quartet’, a new music ensemble, had an idea: to write and record an album on Stroma, an abandoned island off the north coast of Scotland.

Five years after the Quartet’s disappearance, ‘The Stroma Sessions’ – a series of audio files charting the musicians time on the island and the music they created there – were discovered on the internet.

Stroma was abandoned in the early 1960s: its few remaining buildings stand dilapidated, battered by the North Sea. The four musicians sought inspiration in the ruined houses and unforgiving weather. They wanted to make music in a ghost town. The evidence suggests they found what they were looking for.


Riley….. Rebekak Statons
Hilde ….. Valene Kane
Sam ….. Jade Matthew
Nico …. David Carlyle
Telephone man ….. Timothy X Atack
Narrator ….. Colin Salmon

Escrito por Timothy X Atack
Creado por Nicolas Jackson & Timothy X Atack
Música de Danny Norbury
Música interpretada por Danny Norbury, Hazel Correa and Patricia Ramirez.
Productora ejecutiva, Sara Davies
Sonido,  Steve Bond
Dirigido por Nicolas Jackson, Steve Bond e Isolde Penwarden
Producido por Nicolas Jackson

‘The Stroma Sessions’ is an Afonica production for BBC Radio 3

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