The Great Charter

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By Matthew Solon

A Goldhawk Production for BBC World Service

Broadcast 07/06/15 11:05h GMT & 11/06/15 08:05h GMT

To mark the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta, this innovative drama charts the fight for rights and freedoms in the 21st Century’s supra-state: the Internet.

In 2025 the most powerful men and women in the world gather at Runnymede. Their purpose, the fusion of the G20 with the i5 group of information transnationals controlling the planet’s data and digital access. A communications system failure signals the start of an escalating cyber attack that will sow panic and disorder across the globe. This is zero-day vulnerability.

Chief Information Engineer Jed Baron and his team are charged with restoring the system before the meltdown becomes irreversible. But the attack also provides an opportunity for those willing to risk everything to create The Great Charter and so guarantee digital rights and freedoms for billions of users.

Recorded and edited documentary-style with handheld microphones, The Great Charter powerfully re-imagines the conflict which gave birth to the original Magna Carta in the modern context of the fight for digital rights.

Running time
55 minutes

Jed Baron ….. Harry Ditson
Kate Bradley ….. Kerry Fox
Johan Koenig ….. Philip Arditti
Lee ….. Jon Jon Briones
Kelly Kosminksy ….. Laurel Lefkow
Mahvash Sassani ….. Amira Ghazalla
Al-Mansour ….. Raad Rawi
Lara Malet ….. Juliet Aubrey
Kumar Das ….. Danny Ashok
Nigel Slocombe ….. Will Howard
Olowode ….. Paul Bakibinga
TV commentator ….. Bill Thompson
BBC Announcer …. Helena Merriman
BBC correspondent …. Rory Cellan-Jones

Sound Design …. Steve Bond
Producer ….. John Dryden
Director ….. Nicolas Jackson

BBC_World_Service_red.svgGoldhawk Productions for BBC World Service

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