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By Marietta Kirkbride

First broadcast 20-24 November 2023
BBC Radio 4 & BBC Sounds

A psychological horror story set in rural Wales amid the mysterious world of mycelium.

When social worker Cassie discovers mould in the flat of a vulnerable service user she puts it down to poor quality housing. But then she discovers it in her own house and begins to fear for the safety of her family.

For partner Morgan and young son Bryn, it’s not the mould that troubles them but Cassie’s mental health. As the fungus continues to grow and spread, Cassie resorts to more extreme measures to combat it. But why will no one listen to her when she warns of danger?

In Greek mythology, Cassandra was condemned to speak the truth yet never be believed. A story of trust and what happens when we lose it. And of a hidden threat attacking the very thing that makes us powerful.

Cassie …… Kate O’Flynn
Ola …… Aggy K Adams
Interviewer ….. Laurel Lefkow
Hywel ….. Lloyd Meredith
Morgan…… Owain Gwynn
Bryn …… Macsen Ovens
Joyce ….. Kezrena James
Huw …… Richard Corgan
Young Helen …… Lily Anne Lefkow

Other voices played by the cast

Executive Producer ….. Sara Davies
Title music ….. Ioana Selaru & Melo-Zed
Sound design ….. Jon Nicholls

Directed & produced by Nicolas Jackson

An Afonica production for BBC Radio 4 & BBC Sounds