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By Hermann Hesse
Adapted for audio by Hattie Naylor
from the translation by Hilder Rosner

Broadcast date 18/02/24 on BBC Radio 4

Ancient India.

Siddhartha, the son of a high caste Brahmin, is handsome, brilliant and well-loved. But unhappy. Setting out on a quest for spiritual wholeness and enlightenment with his loyal friend Govinda, he encounters the ascetic Samanas, a wise ferryman, a beautiful courtesan, a wealthy merchant, and the Buddha himself. Armed with the ability to think, to wait and to fast, he tastes riches, lust and power, but still he is not satisfied. The connection to all things, a oneness in everything, alludes him. Until finally, he comes to a river.

Adapted from Hermann Hesse’s classic novel.

Siddhartha….. Jaz Singh Deol
Kamala ….. Amrita Acharia
Govinda …..Sid Sagar
Vasudeva ….. Rehan Sheikh
Father..… Kriss Dosanjh
Mother .…. Sudha Bhuchar
Boy ….. Adrian Paul Jeyasingham
Girl ….. Sophie Khan Levy

Other voices played by the cast

Production Manager ….. Anna de Wolff Evans
Executive producer ….. Sara Davies

Sound design ….. Adam Woodhams
Mix ….. Steve Bond

Director & producer ….. Nicolas Jackson

An Afonica production for BBC Radio 4