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DemolitionBy Eugenio Amaya

BBC Radio 4 Afternoon Drama
First broadcast – 25 April 2014 14:15h

Contemporary drama from Spain. Thomas, a British expat living on the Spanish coast for almost 20 years, is suddenly threatened with the imminent demolition of his beachfront home when the local authority declares the development illegal ahead of elections. In a bid to save his house with the help of his student daughter Lisa, he uncovers a dark underbelly of political and financial corruption he never suspected existed and which will ultimately force him to make some hard choices. Based around true events and recorded on location in Spain at the Complejo Deportivo del R.A.C.E.

Running time
45 minutes

Thomas ….. Greg Hicks
Lisa ….. Christina Ulfsparre
Russell ….. Craig Stevenson
Matías ….. Jorge Machín
Carmen ….. Lola Casamayor
Beltrán ….. Gabriel Garbisu
Postman ….. Julio Vélez
Marisa ….. Cristina Romero
Jordi ….. David Luque
UK journalist ….. Frank Smith
Newreader ….. Juan Carlos Rubio
Cristina ….. Iara Solano

Production coordinator – Josephine Berne
Sound design by Steve Bond & Juan García
Executive Producer – Sara Davies
Produced and Directed by Nicolas Jackson

An Afonica Sound Production for BBC Radio 4


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