The Aviator’s Photo

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human dose of ivermectin la foto del aviadorBy Alfredo Sanzol

ivermectin for dogs for fleas The Aviator’s Photo is set in the Spanish Civil War yet subtly and delicately, as you might expect from the author of the much acclaimed and award winning stage play Delicadas, on which this short story of love in times of war is based.

griffin benger Hortensia is unlucky in love but one fine day the man of her dreams literally falls from the sky. Unfortunately, in such agitated times, their love will not last long. When a photographer shows up at the country house she shares with her 3 sisters, he carries with him a most unusual letter with a very unorthodox request.

Mau Aimma blackjack rtp que es glyset Chieti Running Time
15 minutes Cast
Hortensia Ferrús ….. Ágata Roca
Felipe Lekumberri, el aviador ….. Jordi Rico
Photographer ….. Albert Ribalta
Sister 1 ….. Mamen Duch
Sister 2 ….. Carme Plá
Sister 3 …… Marta Pérez

The cast of this audio drama belong to the company T de Teatre.

Produced and directed by Nicolas Jackson
for Fundación SGAE

fundación sgae