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By Martin Jameson

First broadcast on BBC Radio 4 – 06/12/20

A quantum cryptocurrency audio heist movie and psychological tech thriller exploring the illusory nature of money itself.

Bit – real name Rebecca “Becky” Isobel Troughton, BIT, get it? – is in trouble. Big trouble. She’s only gone and hacked into US mainframes and brought the entire eastern seaboard to a standstill. And now she’s on everybody’s Most Wanted list. But Bit is no hacking ‘gun for hire’, oh no. She’s driven by principle and she’s the very best at what she does. So when shady government organisations come a-knocking in a bid to secure her services, she just sends them packing. Well, sort of. But there are some offers even Bit can’t refuse. Like the search for 494 million’s worth of missing iPromises – a brand-new un-hackable cryptocurrency that’s the sexy place to put your pennies.

But before Bit can even think about those eight hundred giant servers in the middle of an Icelandic wilderness, there are more pressing matters to deal with closer to home. Like finding a safe place to live and avoiding her estranged father. And why does she feel like she’s being followed?

In Bit’s head, the references to The Wizard of Oz keep stacking up, but we are definitely not in Kansas anymore.

Bit & Infinity Bit ….. Tamara Lawrance
Kevin Straw ….. Jonathan Forbes
Tinaya ….. Skye Lourie
Leon ….. Gunnar Cauthery
Emir & Clive ….. Nabil Elouahabi
Frank & Grimmur Ekkert ….. Danny Sapani

Other characters are voice by the cast

Sound design ….. Adam Woodhams
Mix ….. Steve Bond
Executive producer ….. Sara Davies
Directed & produced by Nicolas Jackson

An Afonica production for BBC Radio 4