Dead Weather

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A contemporary gothic thriller by Hattie Naylor

First broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on 17/11/20

BBC Audio Drama Awards 2022
Winner – Best Drama
Winner – Best Actress (Juliet Aubrey)
Winner – Best Supporting Performance (Claire Price)

“Evocative of strangeness with creative and original use of sound, this is a psychologically intricate drama that manages to both unsettle and intrigue. Driven by outstanding performances and a vivid and persuasive sense of place, this play extends and utilises all the possibilities of the form.” –  Judges, BBC Audio Drama 2022

Following a move from London to rural Wales, Sam is abandoned by her composer husband, Dylan, for Freya, his childhood sweetheart. Sam is devastated and haunted by the memory of a place by the sea where Dylan wrote a sonata just for her. When a lost young crow turns up in her garden, Sam takes it in and nurtures it. But this act of compassion will unleash a series of events that drive her to the edge of madness.

A magical tale exploring the indelible traces that happiness leaves.

Sam ….. Juliet Aubrey
Dylan ….. Matthew Gravelle
Freya ….. Claire Price
Alwyn ….. Lloyd Meredith
Ceri & Nerys ….. Megan Jones

Music composed by Dan Jones and performed by Dan Jones and Jonathan Morton

Sound Design ….. Adam Woodhams
Mix ….. Steve Bond
Executive Producer ….. Sara Davies
Directed & produced by Nicolas Jackson

An Afonica production for BBC Radio 4