Angst! Actors

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By Martin Jameson
First broadcast – BBC Radio 4 – 16/08/21

In today’s ‘zeit’ the ‘geist’ is everywhere: environmental catastrophe; conspiracy theories; populism; fake news; the age of the algorithm; nationalism; racism; social exclusion. Not to mention pandemics.

As the world teeters on the edge of various self-made apocalypses, Angst! takes a satirical sideways look at our own naked fears. Five separate but connected half-hour ‘what if?’ stories all told under the watchful eye of the enigmatic Timor Greer.

With Populism and conspiracy theories in the ascendant, and comedians and reality TV stars running nations, how can The Establishment fight back? A failing actor finds himself auditioning for the role of a lifetime. It’s a Faustian deal, he (literally) cannot refuse. But is he the only one playing a role?

Tony Bland ….. Hugh Dennis
Gina ….. Kathryn Drysdale
Cherry ….. Clare Corbett
Harri ….. Will Howard
Timor Greer….. Cyril Nri

Other voices are played by the cast

Sound design ….. Steve Bond & Adam Woodhams

Production manager ….. Anna de Wolff Evans
Executive producer ….. Sara Davies
Series creator ….. Martin Jameson

Produced & directed by Nicolas Jackson

An Afonica production for BBC Radio 4